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ZFin Malta - City of Culture

The real and the virtual worlds combine in a huge projected show for Malta’s Valetta, City of Culture 2018.


Credits & Links

Client : ZFin Malta (City of Culture 2018)
Producer : Shaun Prickimage
Project Manager : Dan Strutt

Choreography & Performance : Mavin Khoo

3D Direction : Studio Aszyk
Unity Artists : Neal Coghlan, Luyang Zou
Unity VFX & Programmer : Hugh Kennedy

  • Watch the edit here



The piece consisted of a series of motion captured dances using the Rokoko MoCap suit, all choreographed specifically for the show, and with the aim that the dancers in the physical realm would move and react to the virtual dancer in a series of duets.

This was the first time trying a MoCap suit out - the possibilities with this tech certainly open up doors for realtime expression.